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Our Story

As an up and coming company, we attribute our reputation to the quality of customer service we provide. Learning from the family business, Jordan Loncar established Charm Distribution, and from day one, client relationships have been the priority.

If you're searching for the highest quality products and quick turnaround time, then Charm Distribution is perfect for you. Here at Charm Distribution, we understand your needs and the necessity to have your products to you as quick as possible. From the moment your order is placed, to the time you receive your products, we ensure the highest level of customer service.


About Jordan Loncar

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jordan has a passion for business done well. She graduated from Rawls College of Business from Texas Tech

with a degree in Marketing and was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. She excelled in her time there and has since worked in Marketing and for the

family label business since her graduation in 2018. She became interested in the label industry after learning from the family company and desires

to follow in her step-father's footsteps. Her commitment to excellence in business is what drives her and sets Charm Distribution apart from the competitors.

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